Tacos De Gallina Con Mole Tico

Country: Mexico

Story: The flautas, also called flautines, is a Mexican dish. They are tacos made of rolled golden corn tortilla. Its name derives from the great similarity that these have with the musical instrument (the flute) of the same name to be rigid (crisp) and thin. They can have different fillings such as shredded meat, picadillo, potatoes, beans and cheese, among others. They are served accompanied by any sauce, lemon, lettuce or cabbage, with tomato, and sometimes sour cream. We use a filling of shredded chicken cooked with achiote and tomato.

Preparations: Chicken Tinga is rolled in a golden corn tortilla and then fried. Black bean mole is put onto the plate and two crispy tacos are placed on top. Finally, it’s topped off with sour cream and cabbage salad.