Lechón con Mojo

Country: Cuba, Dominican Republic

Story: Lechón in Spanish is a pork dish in several regions of the world. Lechón is a Spanish word referring to a roasted suckling pig. It’s a popular food in Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. The dish is similar to what we serve. Lechon asado is a slow-roasted pork shoulder that is marinated in mojo, a marinade made from sour orange, garlic, onion, oil, and herbs. The ending result is a fall-apart plate of pork that is succulent and luscious, served alongside caramelized onions and topped with even more mojo.

The congri we serve with the lechon is started by cooking onions, garlic, and bell pepper commonly known as a sofrito. To this sofrito are added the white rice and pre-boiled black beans, as well as the water that the beans were boiled in. Other seasonings such as oregano and bay leaf are often added to the dish to give additional flavor. Congri is different from simple arroz con frijoles in that the beans and rice are cooked in the same pot instead of separately. We also serve traditional garnishes with the dish using platano maduro and yuca frita.

Preparation: Cerdo is slow cooked with mojo until very tender. The meat is then shredded and mixed with the mojo and placed on top of congri. The garnishes are fried yucca and platano maduro. Pickled onions garnish the top to finish it off.