Champiñones Risotto de Cebada

Notes: For risotto rice is used due to the amount of starch it gives off thickening the liquid surrounding the rice and creating a very creamy sauce. Though barley has less starch a similar result and an equal amount of delicious flavor can be produced by using it instead of rice. To help with the creaminess we are looking for and to add a great flavor a puree is made from caramelizing mushrooms is mixed with barley as well. We then top things off with a salad of fresh zucchini and Bagaces cheese. If we remove the cheese we can have an amazing vegan dish for our guests. 

Preparation: A stock is made from vegetables and mushrooms scraps. Barley is cooked in the stock until it is 90% finished. Mushrooms are cut and sauteed until they are very brown and caramelization is achieved. The mushrooms are then pureed with vegetable stock and set aside until ready to use. When we are ready to make it the nearly cooked barley, mushroom puree and vegetable stock is heated up in a pan. When its ready and creamy its placed onto the plate and topped off with sauteed mushrooms, bagaces cheese and a salad of fresh zucchini.