Tacos Arrachera Encebollada

Country: Mexico

Story: The “Arrachera” is the name given in Mexico to a particular cut of beef which is packed with flavor but needs to be cooked delicately to make tender. It can also be called entraña in Guatemala and Argentina, entrécula in Spain, skirt steak in the United States and onglet in France. In its raw form it is a very fibrous and innervated meat, so you must make it tender by the way you cut it after it is cooked or by using a marinate for the meat, which consists of seasoning the meat with certain spices and ingredients such as vinegar. This will make it softer while giving it a better flavor.

Encebollado in its simplest definition means a technique of cooking with onions. It can also be the name of a number of dishes. Maybe the most popular example of this would be Encebollado as the name of a fish stew in Ecuador where it is the national dish. For us here at Alma this means that our Arrachera cut of meat and onions are cooked together to order for our tacos.

Preparation: Thin slices of Arrachera and onions are cooked on the plancha until tender and then mixed with salsa verde. The mixture is then placed on a corn tortillas and topped off with queso Bagaces.