Croquetas de Platanos

Country: Costa rica

Story: Our Croquetas de Platanos is actually inspired from another type of dish eaten in Costa Rica. Empanadas de Platanos are made as a form of empanada that is special to Costa Rica. One of the most popular versions of this dish is when it is stuffed with cheese. Our chef has taken this idea and turned it into a dish suitable for Alma by incorporating other influences. A croqueta is made from the platano mixture instead of an empanada and chorizo is added to enhance the flavor of the plantain and center of melted cheese. The croqueta adds a crispy layer to the mixture. Also added to enhance flavor is a black bean mole sauce underneath and a salad made from chayote for freshness that is placed on top.

Preparations: Sweet plantain puree is formed around shredded mozzarella cheese and chorizo into a ball. The ball is then rolled in flour, eggs and then panko bread crumbs to form a crust on the outside. The balls are then fried until golden brown. On the plate some of the black bean sauce is placed down and on top the croquetas and then a salad of chayote and cucumber.