Mixto Peruano

Country: Peru

Story: In Peru it is served with garnishes of boiled roots such as sweet potato or cassava and grains such as corn (boiled or toasted), legumes such as zarandaja, fried plantain (chifles), seaweed and lettuce. Sometimes it can be accompanied by chilcano (broth based on fish heads). In Peru, ceviche is basically a national dish with too many variations and styles to cover in a brief description.

The most common type of ceviche is prepared from slices of fish in a square shape that are then mixed with lime and salt. Fillets mostly used are corvina, flounder, kingfish, mackerel, grouper, dogfish, parakeet and trout. Mixed ceviche like the one we serve is the one that contains the same ingredients as the common ceviche, to which various seafood or fish have been added.

Preparation: Mix all of the ingredients with leche de tigre into a bowl and let marinate then place in a bowl. Garnish with corn, lolarossa lettuce, red onion and sweet potato. Finally, it is served with homemade corn tortilla chips.

Patacon Pisao

Country: Venezuela, Colombia

Story: Patacon Pisao is a patacon that has been crushed and fried until crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The dish can have a variety of toppings but some of the most popular ones would be lettuce, sour cream, tomato, avocado and shredded pork. For our version instead of the pork we use shredded chicken. Although the dish originates in Venezuela and Colombia many countries now have a version of this.

Preparation:A patacon is made using an entire green plantain. Black beans are spread on to provide a base layer. This is topped with pico de gallo, melted shredded cheese, chicken arreglado, sour cream and chopped lettuce mix.